Sendsay: mailing and notifications by E-mail, Telegram, SMS, VK, Viber, Mobile push + Registration and authorization of the buyer for CMS CS-Cart Online Store and Marketplace


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Sendsay service integration and user registration and authorization for CMS CS-Cart

Maurisweb Web Studio together with the Sendsay service, we offer you a comprehensive application for integration into your Online Store or Marketplace.

Online stores and marketplaces on the CS-Cart platform

The complex is designed for any version of the CS-Cart platform. With its help, the Free version of CS-Cart you can create your own online store or marketplace easily, quickly, and with the Free version it is completely free.The module is also compatible with any versions of the CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platforms.

Sales automation and customer loyalty enhancement

Managing a large trading platform requires regular interaction with tens of thousands of people: suppliers, sellers, buyers.It is necessary to remind suppliers and sellers of the need to prepare orders for shipment, tell customers about the movement of their order, promotions, new products, discounts, and so on. 

The complex automates this process as much as possible, makes it simpler and more efficient. 

Well-structured interaction with the buyer increases the conversion rate, the average check, motivates buyers to return to your site again and again. And therefore, it increases your profit. 

Portrait of the buyer

Create a portrait of the buyer, collect his E-mail, contacts in messengers and social networks: Telegram, VKontakte, send push notifications. Choose the most convenient way of interaction for communicating with the buyer. 

Read more about the capabilities of the modules on our website. 

Sendsay is a Russian integrated marketing automation solution for working with buyers and sellers on the website by E-mail, Telegram, SMS, VK, Viber, Mobile push for CMS CS-Cart Marketplaces

Bonuses of integration with the Sendsay service

Mass mailing of emails, mass mailing to subscribers of communities in VKontakte, Telegram, mailing of transactional letters.

  • Automate sales,
  • Increase customer loyalty,
  • Clean up the data,
  • Protect your communications,
  • Automate mailing lists,
  • Use the most advantageous channel combinations,
  • Get powerful analytics and reports. 

Sendsay service is used by many large companies, including the most popular marketplaces, such as Ozon, X5 Retail Group, Detsky Mir, Kangaroo, ECCO, OK, Crossroads, La Redoute, VTB Insurance, Alfa-Bank, MTS-Bank, UniCredit Bank and many others. Work with the best to become better yourself.

Why do I need mass mailing?

It is important for the Marketplace to conduct a dialogue with sellers and buyers: to notify about an order or a change in its status, to remind about the need to collect an order, to tell about promotions, and so on.

Mail services try to protect their users from spam, and therefore have limitations: when sending more than 1,000 emails a day, emails are blocked or sent to spam. That is, the addressee simply will not receive them.

And it seems like 1000 emails is quite a lot. But this is for an ordinary person, but for the marketplace? How many emails does even a small marketplace send out per day? Let's try to calculate.

The buyer has registered – a confirmation letter is sent to him. Then he made an order, a notification also comes about this. Then there are notifications about the change of order statuses: the order is confirmed, transferred to the transport company, delivered to the delivery city, transferred to the PVZ, handed over to the buyer. This is already 7 letters. So far, it seems, not much.

Order notifications should be sent not only to the buyer, but also to the seller. Already about twice as many messages.

But the marketplace does not have one order per day, but hundreds and sometimes thousands. And there are 10-15 messages for each order. We have already gone far beyond the limits. And we still need to tell people about promotions, receipt of goods, request feedback: is delivery convenient for you? Are you satisfied with the quality of the product?

The Sendsay service integration module is a solution that allows mass distribution of emails, bypassing the limitations of mail services. You no longer need to think about how many emails you have already sent today. 

Sendsay service integration module

We have developed a module that integrates the Sendsay service into the administrative panel of your marketplace. Manage your newsletters without going to third-party sites. Save time, manage the marketplace more efficiently.

Why email

Today, there are many more operational ways to communicate with partners: telephone, social networks, messengers. Why is the email newsletter still relevant?

First of all, a person can change the number at any time or simply lose the phone, and the connection with him will be lost. He will not be able to view information that his order has already been delivered to the pick-up point, clarify the order number or receive a verification code.

Secondly, you will not be able to send a large amount of information via SMS or messenger: a list of products in the order, or a selection of products on the subject of interest to the buyer, a report to the seller on sales for the month. All this is much more convenient to send by e-mail.

Third, unlike SMS, social networks or messengers, e-mail allows you to sort emails by importance and quickly find what you need if necessary. E-mail is much more convenient for storing and structuring information. 

Email Templates

The letter that came to the e-mail must be recognizable so that the addressee can understand who he is dealing with and what the letter may be about. For the marketplace, it is equally important to make different letter designs for different categories of recipients: for administrators, sellers and buyers.

The seller can also be registered on your marketplace as a buyer. In this case, it is very important that he responds in a timely manner to letters sent to him as a seller. After all, among them there may be information about orders that require urgent attention.

Choose one of several options for creating emails:

  • Independently create a template in the Sendsay service using block Drag&Drop the editor,
  • Upload the finished email via HTML code,
  • Order template development from Sendsay service specialists,
  • Order template development from the specialists of the Maurisweb web studio.

As a result, all your emails will be personalized for different categories of recipients: buyers, sellers, administrators. 

Segmentation of the Sendsay mailing list

Create email chains for different occasions and fine-tune the mailing list so that the buyer, once in the planned situation, automatically receives a letter returning it to your marketplace.

For example, if the buyer has registered, confirmed his email, but has not yet filled in the delivery address and phone number, it means that he has not placed a single order. This is a good reason to send him an email with a selection of popular products to motivate him to make his first purchase.

Create email chains based on the age, gender and date of birth of the buyer. Based on this data, you can make selections with suitable products. For example, cosmetics for women, tailored to her age.

Based on the information about the selected delivery methods, compose a newsletter with a survey on the quality of delivery, and after passing the survey, send the buyer a letter of thanks and a nice gift for helping to improve the service.

And if the buyer is dissatisfied with the delivery, automatically send a letter to the quality control department of the work. This will improve the quality of work.

Make a selection of interesting products for the buyer, based on the information about the categories and products viewed. Or, to make the newsletter more individual, you can, after registration, invite the buyer to take a survey about which categories and products are most interesting to him, and make selections based on his own answers.

If a customer purchased products from you some time ago, but no longer visits your site, send him an email with a reminder about your marketplace with a selection of products from the same categories.

The same letter chains can be compiled for sellers at different stages of preparing their store for sales on your marketplace.

For example, if a seller has registered and brought goods to the showcase, but he still has no sales, send him a series of training letters that will help him change the presentation and presentation of his goods, which should, in turn, lead to the first sale.

After that, it is important to send a letter of congratulations to the seller, and then motivate him with congratulations on 100, 500 and 1000 sales.

Creating an automatic mailing list with Sendsay

You can create an automatic chain in the Sendsay visual editor. The Sendsay Visual Editor is a simple tool that makes creating chains even easier. Everything you need for work will be literally in front of your eyes. You don't have to keep customer segments and emails in mind. There will be no need to select numerous parameters from drop-down lists. You don't have to control the logic of the process. Sendsay will take care of everything.

Think over the chain of emails that you would like to automate, and then compose a script in the interface - a chain of blocks that will run sequentially and in the background.

Go to your personal account and use the features of the new improved Sendsay editor right now.

Mailing in messengers and social networks

Many people today practically do not use e-mail, preferring faster communication options: messengers and social networks. Sendsay supports working with popular messengers: Telegram, Viber, as well as mailing lists on the VKontakte social network. 

Updating and development of the module

The module is constantly evolving, new segmentation methods and more point-by-point distribution settings are emerging. You can find out what new features have appeared from the description of the module update. You can also request the modification of the module, add new mailing segmentation capabilities that you need. To do this, you need to write a request in the feedback form on the website .

Compatibility with other modules

As part of Enterprise solutions, the Sendsay integration module is used for notification in the business process chain.

For example, after the buyer has placed an order, you need to get information from the seller about the availability of goods for the order so that you can confirm the order to the buyer. The module sends a message to the seller's warehouse with information about the order, so that it gets not only to the seller's manager, but to the employee who directly works with the goods. This speeds up the assembly and reduces the time to process the order.

After the storekeeper's response, you receive money from the buyer only for those goods that are in stock. The next step is to confirm the order assembly and send a link to download address labels.


Sendsay platform Features

More than 100 functional solutions for automation of multi-channel communication with your customers

Personalization and segmentation

  • Personalization: name, date of last purchase, accumulated points, amount of purchases
  • Segmentation by activity in newsletters, on the website, subscriber data
  • Segmentation of the database by geography, social status, gender, age, type of recreation and any other characteristics
  • Custom fields
  • Multilevel combinations of conditions: geographical, social, behavioral, system data
  • Mass editing of subscriber data
  • Viewing subscribers who have added themselves to the stop list
  • Various formats for storing subscriber data: date, lists, text
  • Informing about subscribers' actions by email or http

Content and layout

  • Block Drag'n'drop Editor
  • Adaptive email design
  • Ready-made email templates
  • HTML editor and custom templates
  • Drafts
  • Loading html layout from ZIP archive
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Mailing list archive
  • Unique attachments: receipts, postcards, bank statements, loyalty program reports
  • Dynamic content for different categories of buyers
  • Displaying letter blocks for individual segments
  • Ready-made and editable subscription forms for the site and surveys
  • Redirecting from the subscription form to the required web page

Mailing lists

  • The speed is 20 million . emails per hour
  • Delivery 99.9>#/li###
  • Planned release of mailings
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Exclusion of non-existent and abandoned addresses
  • Analysis and validation of the contact database before mailing
  • Behavioral targeting
  • A/B testing: headers, content, sending time
  • Test message sending
  • Optimization of the sending time depending on the activity of subscribers
  • Time zone-based release
  • Launch for those who have not opened the letter in 1 click
  • Express release without loading the address database into the account


  • Automatic channel selection: email, sms, social networks, messengers
  • Trigger chains: welcome, abandoned browsing, forgotten trash, reactivation, resuscitation
  • Ready-made possible events and actions: data change, N time has passed, add to group, change data
  • Transaction chains: purchase confirmation, delivery information, product appearance
  • Generating content for mailing from the pages of a website, blog, online store or RSS feeds
  • Selection of online store products: popular products, novelties, sale
  • Generation of individual promo codes and barcodes
  • Importing scheduled data
  • Sending mailings according to a schedule

Statistics and analytics

  • Mailing statistics: delivery, openings, unsubscriptions, spam complaints
  • Subscriber statistics: audience portrait, actions, activity
  • Statistics for the time interval
  • Tracking site landing page visits and goal achievements
  • Segment analysis
  • Conversion analysis: orders, calls, purchases, transactions, profit for the period
  • Analysis of indicators: devices, operating systems
  • Dynamics and influence of mailings on sales
  • Number of delivery errors and description of each error
  • Click map
  • Visual graphs and interactive diagrams
  • Saving report results and sending them to the mail


  • Compliance with Federal Law 152 "On Personal Data"
  • Differentiation of access rights to employees: to addresses, mailings, statistics
  • Tracking account changes: actions, time, user IP address
  • Database encryption
  • Biometric authentication: AGSES card
  • Analysis of the probability of a particular mailing list falling under the spam filters of popular mail services
  • Configuring sender Domain authentication: DKIM, SPF, MAILFROM, FBL
  • Dedicated IP addresses


  • Full-featured API
  • Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter: "share" and "like" buttons
  • Web Analytics: Google Analytics, Ya.Metrica
  • CRM: amoCRM, Bitrix24, Microsoft Dynamic CRM
  • CMS: LPgenerator, CS-Cart of Online Stores, CS-Cart of Marketplaces
  • SaaS: MySklad, Flocktory, Manzana, LeadHit, SAP, Siebel
  • Google Big Data, Google Big Query, Power BI
  • Transmitting events from the system to the client: Callback, WebHook

The Sendsay integration module is provided free of charge, subject to a new connection to the service and payment of any tariff within a month from the date of purchase of the module. You can use the module for free for 24 months after purchase.

Registration and authorization of the buyer and seller on the website by E-mail, Telegram, SMS, VK, Mobile push for CMS CS-Cart Marketplaces


Email Confirmation

When registering, the buyer specifies the email address. At the same time, he can specify someone else's mail, or a non-existent address. However, it is important for you to know his real address. Firstly, to be able to get feedback. Secondly, sending emails to non-existent addresses also leads to blocking in spam.

The module is compatible with the Russian integrated marketing automation solution Sendsay. The service necessarily requests confirmation by E-mail before the first purchase. The buyer can confirm the email address immediately upon registration or later, depending on the settings.

To make a purchase, it is necessary that the buyer's E-mail must be confirmed. If the buyer starts making a purchase before the confirmation of the mail, the module will send a code to confirm the address specified during registration, and request this code from the buyer. Only after entering this code, the buyer will be able to make a purchase. 

Replacement of the confirmed email address

After the buyer confirms his email, this field will be blocked for making changes. This is necessary so that the buyer cannot replace the confirmed mail with an unconfirmed one. 

If the buyer wants to replace his E-mail, he can enter a new address in the "Additional e-mail" field, confirm it, and then swap the addresses. This guarantees you that the user has replaced the address deliberately and the new address will also be confirmed. 

Registration by SMS or email

Today, customers are already used to such a service when communicating with major players in the eCommerce market, such as Ozon, Wildeberries or Aliexpress. The Sendsay service will allow you to work on an equal footing even with serious competitors.  

In the module settings, you can choose which information to request from the buyer during registration: E-mail or phone number. The third option is automatic detection of the entered information. Your buyer will be able to choose how to log in to your site, while you do not have to add new fields to the registration page. 

Buyer's portrait

The Sendsay service allows you to link all your contact information to the buyer: email, phone, Telegram, personal VKontakte page. Subsequently, the buyer can log in to your site using any of these sources, and you get the opportunity to communicate more effectively with the buyer, contact him in the most convenient way for you and for him. 




Up-to-date information about changes in the functionality of the module, as well as compatibility with other modules, is published in our Telegram channel


You can submit a request to the support service, ask questions to the managers about the work or completion of the module via messengers, the groupVKONTAKTE and mail.

- WhatsApp +7-923-364-90-07

- Telegram

- Telegram  +7-923-364-90-07


- E-mail:

Instructions for connecting the Sendsay module

It is not difficult to set up the Sendsey service and the service integration module on your site. However, there are several points that you should pay attention to at all stages of setup.

Module Setup


The first step in the module settings is to log in. To do this, specify the login and the API key.

Login: Please note that the Sendsay login that you created during registration may not meet the requirements for the API login. For example, it may contain special characters or it may not be unique. In this case, the service will generate a new login for you.

To find this login, click on the icon in the form of a man in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menu, the login you need will be indicated at the very bottom.

API key:it is generated not for the whole company, but for each administrator separately. Open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select "Account Settings". In the left menu, select the "Users" menu item. Here you will add employees who will use the Sendsay personal account.

The API key is generated only for users with the "Administrator" type. To get the API key, you need to log in to the desired user, go to the "User Settings" tab.The API key will be generated in the upper field itself.

Profile fields

The Sendsay service allows you to segment the mailing list as much as possible: write letters to customers who have dropped a basket of goods and have not placed an order, or to sellers who have registered but do not upload goods. You create an email, set an event, and upon the occurrence of this event, the email automatically goes to the user.

You generate emails yourself in the Sendsay service interface.

In order for our module to work correctly with the events you set, it is necessary to match the profile fields in the module settings. From these fields, the service will take information about customers and track the occurrence of the events you set.

Example of events

For sellers: let's say a new seller has registered on your marketplace. However, after registration, he must also give you the information necessary for paperwork, upload goods, and so on. And he doesn't do all that.

Accordingly, firstly, you need to be reminded about your marketplace, and secondly, to help the new seller navigate the interface of your platform. You can prepare a series of letters on how to prepare your store on your marketplace for work: give you the necessary information, create warehouses, load goods. Of course, all this can be put together in one long letter, but then the seller is unlikely to read it right away, leave it for later and most likely will not return to it. And a series of letters with the same subject will most likely be collected by the mail service in one chain, and the seller will easily be able to find the necessary information.

For buyers: You can also create a series of letters here. One for customers who viewed some products, but did not put them in the basket. The letter contains a reminder that the buyer chose certain products and, for example, an offer of similar products with discounts. The second is for customers who put the goods in the basket, but did not make a purchase. The letter contains a reminder about the goods in the basket, that the goods may run out or the price for them may change.

We have added only the basic, most necessary fields to the module. If you have not found the field in the list that you need to create a segmented mailing list, write to us at _________.

In the subject of the email, specify that you need to add the profile fields to the Sendsay module settings, as well as the name of your store. In the body of the letter, describe which fields you need. Specify the name and contact of the responsible person, as well as the system administrator. Send the application to: ________.


Please note that in the free tariff, the logo of the Sendsay service will automatically be attached to the sent letters. On paid tariffs, the service logo is not added to emails.

Settings of standard mailing methods on the site

Even if you plan to use only the Sendsay service for work, we still recommend setting up mailing via SNTP, PHP or Mail.

The Sendsay service will start working only after the module configuration and authorization are completed. Before that, the entire mailing list will go through the standard functionality of the platform. This can be useful when updating the demo version of the store and at other times when it is more convenient for you to turn off the Sendsay integration module.

Module compatibility

If you use the Sendsay service integration module and the module "Registration and authorization of buyer and seller on the website by E-mail, Telegram, SMS, VK, Mobile, push" in tandem, then you need to disable the standard CS-Cart module"Mailing lists", as well as mailing service modules "Mailchimp", "Unisender", «SendPuls».

Setup on the side of the Sendsay service

In the personal account of the Sendsay service, first of all, you need to confirm your domain, as well as the addresses from which you plan to send mail. For instructions on confirming the domain and addresses, see the Sendsay website.


In the "Senders" section, the email addresses from which the automatic mailing will be sent via the Sendsay service are specified.

Pay attention! These addresses must match the ones you specified in the "Settings" - "General" - "Company" - "Email" section.

Other addresses will be blocked from sending messages.

Important! From addresses " ", " ", " " and similar services will not leave letters. Specify corporate email addresses.

If you are using the Ultimate version of the platform, make sure that the storefront is specified in the settings. When activated, different email addresses are indicated under all storefronts, and under the showcase of a particular mogasia.

The shared email specified under all the storefronts is used, for example, to send notifications to administrators. And the addresses specified for a separate showcase are for mailing to customers of a particular store.

If you want our specialists to set up a personal account for Sendsay for you, then you must apply. To do this, write to us at _____, in the subject line write "Setting up a personal account Sendsay" and specify the name of your store. The service is paid.

Uploading the contact database to the Sendsay service

After completing the configuration of the Sendsay service and our integration module, it is time to load the contact database into the service. It is through this database that Sendsay will send out the letters you have prepared.

How to avoid blocking contacts

Sendsay very closely monitor the quality of their mailings. They do not allow downloading purchased databases or databases collected from open sources. Therefore, the service can block contacts that are publicly available or in known contact databases. For example, if a person has indicated his email address on some website where any user can see it, then the Sendsay service can block this contact, suspecting that it could have been entered into the database without the consent of the address owner.

Therefore, all contact databases uploaded to the Sendsay service are moderated. You configure the crown to upload contacts, the module automatically generates a folder with the database. The folder name will match the name of your company. The folder automatically gets to the initial moderation.

To prevent the blocking of controversial contacts from the point of view of the service, write a letter to the technical support service confirming that the contacts are uploaded through your website, and buyers independently enter their addresses into the database, as well as confirm them. Indicate that you can verify the truth of your words by the dates and times of user registration on your site.

How to get rid of the email confirmation link

All newly uploaded contacts to the Sendsay service initially end up in the "Unconfirmed" folder. This means that the service attaches a link to confirm the email address to all emails sent to these contacts. Modern Russian legislation requires this from the service.

To remove this link from the mailing list, you need to contact the technical support of the Sendsay service and sign a document in which you undertake to attach a link to unsubscribe from the mailing list to each letter.

Pay attention! You do not need to add such links to transactional emails, since they are directly related to specific orders. Instructions on how to remove this link are posted on the Sendsay service website (attach a link to the instructions).

Confirmation of contacts

Sendsay takes the quality of the mailing list seriously, and therefore requires its customers to confirm the email addresses provided by customers. If you have too many contacts in the unconfirmed folder on the service, or a complaint from customers has been received against you, Sendsay may unilaterally block your personal account on the service.

The Sendsay integration module works in tandem with the module "Authorization of buyers by email".

When a new buyer registers on your site, his email address gets into the unconfirmed folder. For these users, you can make an additional newsletter, motivating them to log into their personal account and confirm their email.

A customer who has not confirmed his email can view the catalog of products and put them in the basket, but will not be able to place an order. To do this, the buyer needs to confirm the email address.

Sendsay Free Rate Restrictions

If you use the free tariff of the Sendsay service, pay attention to its limitations: 200 downloadable contacts.

In this case, it is important to pay attention to the word "downloadable". If you uploaded a contact, then deleted it and uploaded it again, then this one contact will be counted as two downloads. It is the number of downloads that is taken into account, not the total number of contacts.

Making a request to the support service

Information that must be specified in contacting the technical support service of Sendsay in case of any questions:

  • Your login in the Sendsay service,
  • Description of the situation that raised questions,
  • The presence of the Sendsay integration module, indicating that the module works via the API,
  • Link to the module used.

It is important to specify information about the use of the module, since Sendsay technical support specialists most often interact with users who work in the service interface. Detailed information will help them quickly navigate and solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

License type:
  • CS-Cart
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor RUS
  • Multi-Vendor RUS Plus
  • Multi-Vendor RUS ULTIMATE
  • Multi-Vendor ULTIMATE
  • MySQL-8.0
  • MariaDB-10.6
  • PHP 8.1
  • PHP 8.0
  • PHP 7.4
  • Русский
Compatibility with versions:
  • 4.15
  • 4.16
  • 4.17
  • 4.18

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