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eCommerce marketplace development

Payment - Order Assembly - Call From - FF Warehouses - FBO - FBOs - FBS - DBS - Fence - Delivery - Documents - OFD - Honest Sign - Taxes - Commission Deduction - Email mailing - Marketing: and everything you need for business.

The deadline for launching the project

  • We will prepare the MVP model very quickly, and for e-Commerce, Premium and Enterprise projects with FBO, FBOs, FBS, DBS models, it will take significantly more time.
  • The cost and timing of the launch are individual and depend on the scale of the project and the tasks to be solved.

Our competence

We have assembled a team of experts who have extensive experience in implementing various
business models of marketplaces.

B2B business model
Business- to-business

  • Building business processes.
  • Work with large, medium and small enterprises.
  • Logistics, reserve of goods, shipment of orders, document flow, reporting to the tax service.

B2C Business Model

  • Building logistics from the supplier through the warehouses of the marketplace or DBS.
  • Tracking the quality of goods, control of payment, delivery, payments to sellers and document flow.

C2C Business Model

  • Control of content filling by sellers and communication with buyers.
  • Secure transaction and transparent delivery, as well as work with reviews of the quality of goods or services.

Integration with fulfillment operators

  • Reduction of storage and logistics costs by connecting fulfillment operators to the FBS, Fbs, FBS, DBS chains.
  • Assembly of goods for orders under the marketplace agreement, the storage of which is paid by the seller.

Four models of work

Cost optimization and implementation of FBS, Fbs, FBS, DBS models for medium-sized goods, valuable, KGT goods, depending on the location of warehouses. Strengthening competitive advantage by optimizing logistics costs.

Preparation and development of document flow

  • Workflow for marketplaces based on FBO, Fbs, FBS, DBS models.
  • Development and integration of 1C programs: UT, ERP, UNF, Accounting, banks, OFD, EDO, delivery services, Honest Sign, reports to the tax service for suppliers and sellers.

Training and control

of the seller's actions

Control of the seller's actions at all stages of sales: checking the correctness of filling out the product card, tracking the order processing time, controlling the delivery of the order from transfer to the transport company to delivery to the buyer, working with returns to the seller's warehouse or the store's warehouse, and much more.

Category tree and product filling quality control

  • Development of a convenient and logical category tree.
  • Creating a cloud of characteristics and variants of characteristics.
  • Control of content loading by sellers.
  • Updating databases.
  • Work on SEO requirements.
  • Control of the requirements of global search engines.

Automatic work with customers (marketing)

E-mail marketing, work with abandoned baskets and viewed goods, promotions, discounts, loyalty programs, notifications about order statuses, sending messages to e-mail, social networks and messengers.

Industry marketplaces

Our expertise in B2B, B2C, C2C
segments on FBO, Fbs, FBS, DBS models, services, combined, mono-brands, multi-brands, partner networks.

Enterprise Solutions

Duration of work: INDIVIDUALLY
  • Individual approach for your business.
  • Search for solutions to your problems.
  • Development of functionality taking into account the specifics of your business processes.
  • Building business chains for your tasks and wishes.

We offer you to implement your business idea and create a full-fledged, competitive automated business that will bring you profit from the first day of launch.

What we offer

We offer you the development of a marketplace.
You will get a ready-made business that will generate income.
  • Development and technical support of the project

    • We take care of all the hassle of implementation
    • From business model analysis
    • Before the launch of the marketplace
  • A team of experts

    Our team of professionals with competence in various fields with experience in creating marketplaces: project managers, designers, marketers, programmers, lawyers, accountants, administrators, copywriters and many others.
  • Server maintenance

    Selection of equipment for the technical requirements of the marketplace, server setup, server maintenance during the operation of the marketplace.
  • 24/7 technical and legal support

    We offer you project support after launch: maintenance, solution of current issues and tasks, development of additional functionality.

Development rates

Start in 14 days
2'500 $
  • Preparation of TK
  • Configuring the Server
  • CMS preparation
  • Connecting modules
  • Testing functionality
  • Transfer of control
  • Project launch
Project launch in 100 days
9'000 $
  • Concept development
  • Architecture design
  • Detailed Technical specifications
  • Showcase + Delivery M.
  • Showcase + Delivery Please.
  • Showcase + Warehouse M .
  • Showcase + Warehouse P.
  • Showcase + Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment + operator
  • Document flow
  • Legal support
  • Launching the marketplace
  • Regular training of managers and admins.
  • Preparation of regulations
  • Maintenance and reservation of servers
  • 24/7 technical support
19'500 $
  • Individual development and analysis of the concept
  • Architecture design
  • Configuring Servers
  • Setting up the workflow
  • Preparation of regulations and job descriptions
  • Primary training of the manager and employees
  • Launching the marketplace
  • Regular training of new employees
  • Support for 36 months
  • Adding new functionality
  • Regular updates
  • Technical support 24\7
  • Legal support
  • Personal project manager
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