EN Проектирование архитектуры

How to read minds and why programmers need it

When designing architecture, we ask a lot of questions like "why?", "what?", "how?", "why?" or... "to what?" and so on.
The result is the creation of a detailed technical task for the development of an online Store, Marketplace or Corporate portal

Preparation design and analysis

Complete analysis of your business: assessment of available capacities, your plans and ideas.
The more complete and accurate the analysis is carried out,
the more detailed the finished terms of reference will be.
  • Business model analysis

    • Assortment
    • Suppliers
    • Logistics chains
    • Document flow
    • Taxation
    • Reporting to the tax service
    • Acquiring
    • Competitor analysis
  • Target audience analysis

    • Who will buy goods or services
    • What kind of pain and need do clients have
    • B2B&B2C, B2B, B2C Interaction
    • Elaboration of competitive offers
  • Analysis of logistics geography

    • Number of warehouses/offices
    • Geography of the target audience
    • Cost of delivery of goods or services
    • Habits of the target audience
    • Competitive offers
    • Working out bottlenecks
    • Study of failures
    • Refund and dispute Resolution
  • Communication with the company's experts

    • Head and/or Founder
    • Marketers PR manager
    • Accounting and Legal Department
    • Warehouse + Logistician
    • Customer Service Manager

What gives a ready-made business project

  • What money will the implementation cost you.
  • How many employees will be needed, what qualities are needed, the level of competence.
  • What, how much, to whom and for what equipment is needed.
  • Which software is best suited for the implementation of your idea.
  • Clear amounts, deadlines for the start of the project and reaching the design capacity.

Design is

Creating a technical task based on your requests, needs and the result of an analysis of your business plan, as well as resources.

Business process development

  • Building interaction with buyers, suppliers and/or sellers.
  • Choosing a model for storing goods: own warehouses, warehouses of fulfillment operators, trading from a supplier's warehouse, and so on.

Elaboration of logistics schemes

  • Optimization of delivery using the most popular and convenient schemes in logistics FBO, FBOs, FBS, FBS.
  • The choice of transport companies for cooperation, taking into account the geography of trade and the range of goods: bulky and oversized, valuable, goods requiring special conditions of transportation and storage.

Selection of equipment

  • Selection of equipment for technical requirements
  • Deployment of servers for the necessary software.
  • Configuring servers for: CMS, GIT, workflow, backup
  • Tasks for maintenance of servers for smooth operation.

Building a workflow

  • Integration of warehouse and accounting programs with CMS: 1C UT, 1C UNF, 1C ERP, 1C Buh, as well as CRM systems.
  • Preparation of regulations, contracts and other documents.

Integration with other services

Selection and analysis of third-party services to ensure the work of the project.
Selection or development of functionality for the implementation of external services. Banks, payment systems, transport companies, mailing services, messengers and much more.

Documentation, training and control of administrators

  • Preparation of documentation for company employees.
  • Job descriptions.
  • Work regulations.
  • The contract of the offer.

Without a clear TK, the result is XS

No matter how bottomless your pockets are, and how boundless patience you would not have, you still want to see your project ready not in a year or two, but in the near future. And not for a cosmic, but quite sane price tag.
Competently prepared terms of reference, clear and clear, will help to significantly reduce the cost of project development. This applies to both time and finances. Having a clear idea of how and where to come, it is much easier to achieve the goal. If you only have a general idea of where you want to come, there is a risk of getting lost on the way at all.
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