EN Защита от DDoS-атак с DDoS-Guard

Protection against DDoS attacks

Protect your store from DDoS attacks together
with DDoS-Guard company.

What is a DDoS attack?

  • A DDoS attack is a one-time access to a specific site from tens and hundreds of thousands of addresses.
  • The server cannot withstand such a load, and stops responding to requests.
  • Customers cannot enter the showcase and buy goods from you.
  • You are incurring losses.

How a DDoS attack is carried out

Today, not only computers and mobile phones have access to the Internet, but also other equipment: televisions, robot vacuum cleaners, slow cookers, kettles and much more. In any of these gadgets, you can plant a virus that will force the device to go to the right site at the right time. Hundreds of thousands of such devices will easily bring down any server.

Protection against DDoS attacks with DDoS-Guard

DDoS-Guard has been protecting websites for more than 10 years. Vast experience and the use of advanced technologies makes DDoS-Guard one of the best companies in this field.
DDoS-Guard is:
  • Protection against all known types of DDoS attacks,
  • Increasing the speed of content delivery,
  • Elimination of malicious bot activity,
  • Real-time analytics available,
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of suspicious activity,
  • traffic filtering.

Technological capabilities of our partner

  • AI-based protection

    A self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm monitors all suspicious activity on the site and responds to incidents around the clock in a timely manner.
  • DNS hosting

    Providing secure NS DDoS-Guard servers for storing DNS records. Free hosting with full access to management.
  • Balancing requests

    Automatic traffic distribution between several DDoS-Guard servers. This is necessary to reduce the load on the site and allows you to create a fault-tolerant system.
  • SSL certificates

    Providing a free Let's Encrypt certificate and the ability to purchase Wildcard certificates and third-party SSL support.
  • Traffic filtering

    HTTPS traffic filtering: with decryption of data and without disclosure of keys based on request logs.
  • Without IP blocking

    Protection against L7 attacks starting from the first request and without blocking by IP.
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DDoS-Guard: интеграция защиты от DDoS-атак (ддос) для сайта
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