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Online Store

Holding - FF Warehouse - Order assembly - Payment - SD call - Shipment from the supplier according to the models: FBO, FBOs, FBS, DBS - Single fence - Delivery - OFD - Honest sign - Email mailing - Automatic marketing: and everything you need for business ...
Project launch deadline 
"Not today, but yesterday"
  • We will prepare the MVP model very quickly, and it will take a little more time for e-Commerce, Premium and Enterprise projects with logistics automation.
  • The cost and timing of the launch are individual and depend on the scale of the project and the tasks to be solved.
Industry-Specific Online Stores
Our expertise in B2B and B2C sales. Automation of logistics with suppliers. Stores of goods, services, combined, mono-brands, multi-brands.
We are experts in
A team of experts in various fields with
extensive experience in development and launch
Online Stores, corporate portals.
B2B business model
Business- to-business
  • Elaboration of all business processes.
  • Work with large, medium and small enterprises.
  • Building logistics from the supplier directly, through the warehouses of the store or the fulfillment operator.
B2C Business Model
  • Building interaction and automation with suppliers.
  • Control of content filling.
  • Shipments, document management, delivery, transportation of goods between warehouses.
  • Integration of base and transshipment warehouses.
  • Automation of warehouse operation.
Full automation
of logistics
  • Integration of warehouses and transport companies into the website of the online store.
  • Development of a user-friendly order assembly interface.
  • Automation of interaction with delivery services.
  • 1C warehouse integration: UT, UNF, ERP, WMS, My Warehouse, Business.ru and other warehouse programs.
Four models of work
  • Embedding and implementing the most convenient logistics organization models in order to optimize delivery costs.
  • Work with medium and large-sized goods, valuable cargo, oversized goods, and so on.
Integration with fulfillment operators
  • Storage of goods in the warehouses of fulfillment operators to increase availability regions.
  • Savings on the maintenance of warehouses.
  • Building logistics of shipments from suppliers to the final buyer through transshipment warehouses.
Integration with external services
  • The connection of the ecosystem with logistics, storage, movement of goods and reporting services.
  • Building business processes in tandem with third-party services.
  • Banks, payment systems, transport companies, website protection, e-mail marketing, cash register, reporting services, accounting, external CRM systems, product catalogs and service services.

Training and control

of administrators

  • Development of quality control systems.
  • Training of online store administrators.
  • Control over the actions of moderators and administrators at all stages of the online trading process.
  • Checking the filling of the product card.
  • Control over the order delivery process from transfer to the transport company to delivery to the buyer.
  • Working with refunds and much more.
Category tree and product quality control
  • Creating a logical category tree.
  • Elaboration of the cloud of characteristics in the context of product categories.
  • Loading options for characteristics.
  • Control of content from suppliers.
  • Work on SEO requirements.
  • Updating directory databases.
Automatic work with customers (marketing)
  • E-mail marketing.
  • Work with abandoned baskets and viewed goods.
  • Promotions, discounts, loyalty programs.
  • Buyer's notifications.
  • Sending messages to email.
  • In the social network.
  • To messengers.
Enterprise Solutions
Duration of work: INDIVIDUALLY
  • Individual approach to your business.
  • Search for solutions to your problems.
  • Development of functionality taking into account the specifics of your business processes.
  • Building business chains for your tasks and wishes.
What we offer
We offer you the development of a website.
You will get a ready-made automated business that will make a profit.
  • A team of experts
    • We take care of all the hassle of implementation
    • From business model analysis
    • Before the launch of the marketplace
  • Server maintenance
    Selection of equipment for the technical requirements of the portal, server setup, server maintenance throughout the site.
  • Development and technical support of the project
    Our team of professionals with competence in various fields with experience in creating online Stores: project managers, designers, marketers, programmers, lawyers, accountants, administrators, copywriters and many others.
  • 24/7 technical and Legal support
    We offer you project support after launch: maintenance, solution of current issues and tasks, development of additional functionality.

Development rates

Start in 7 days
  • Preparation of TK
  • Configuring the Server
  • CMS preparation
  • Connecting modules
  • Testing functionality
  • Transfer of control
  • Project Launch
Project launch in 50 days
from 4'000$
  • Concept development
  • Architecture design
  • Detailed technical specifications
  • Multiskladovost
  • Integration of supplier logistics by models: FBO, Fbs, FBS, DBS
  • Showcase + Delivery
  • Showcase + Supplier's Warehouse
  • Showcase + Fulfillment
  • Fulfillment + operator
  • Document flow
  • Legal support
  • Launching the portal
  • Regular training of managers and admins.
  • Preparation of regulations
  • Maintenance and reservation of servers
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Individual development and analysis of the concept
  • Architecture design
  • Configuring Servers
  • Setting up the workflow
  • Preparation of regulations and job descriptions
  • Primary training of the manager and employees
  • Launching the marketplace
  • Regular training of new employees
  • Support for 36 months
  • Adding new functionality
  • Regular updates
  • Technical support 24\7
  • Legal support
  • Personal project manager
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