DBS Seller stores the goods, collects the order, delivers to the buyer: Delivery by Seller - for Russia and some EAEU countries

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EN Pack DBS за 15 дней - MWP

Launching your own marketplace using the DBS model in 15 days - MVP

We will give you a tool with which the launch of the MVP marketplace on the DBS model in a few days will become not a fairy tale, but a reality.

Today, when the cost of goods on the Internet practically does not change from site to site, buyers choose the one that is more convenient, which offers faster and cheaper delivery, which guarantees the reliability and security of the transaction. Therefore, we relied on logistics: automation of order processing and assembly, delivery of goods to the buyer and return if necessary.

Delivery by Seller

For whom the DBS model is suitable

The DBS model allows you to launch your own marketplace without extra costs for organizing storage and logistics. Sellers store goods in their warehouses and deliver goods directly to customers. They can deliver goods on their own, independently conclude a contract with any transport company convenient for them or deliver goods under your contract.

The beauty of the DBS model

Shipment exclusively from your warehouse
  • You give the seller a task to assemble the order, the seller prepares the goods and passes them to the courier or ships them to a convenient delivery service. The goods are returned to any warehouse specified by the seller.
  • The seller can sell his goods on different sites: on your website, in his store, on third-party sites. Different goods will be in demand at different sites, this will allow the seller to sell goods for different target audience.
  • And if his seasonal product groups are not being bought on the marketplace this year, then he will sell it somewhere there. In this case, he will be in a financial plus, and with the money he will bring a new product that will be the entrance to your site.

Benefits for the buyer, seller and marketplace

The low cost of delivery makes this model attractive to all participants
  • The seller pays 100% for the delivery

    The seller delivers the goods on its own or delivers them to the delivery service under its contract and pays for it itself.
  • Delivery by the marketplace

    The delivery service gives a discount on the contract for a large number of shipments, up to 80% of the standard price.
  • Payment for delivery 30% - 50%

    Often, for bulky goods, the marketplace sets a fixed price to the buyer and compensates this amount to the seller.
  • Shipment from the Fulfillment operator's warehouse

    API integration is being written, the assembly order is delivered to the fulfillment warehouse to the operator, and the Seller pays all the costs for the services independently.

Modules that are included in the package

We have collected for you in one package all the most useful and necessary modules for organizing delivery in the simplest and most convenient way. Work with warehouses, control of the order assembly

by the seller, organization of interaction between the seller and the transport company, automation of data transmission at all stages of interaction, accounting of working hours taking into account the work schedule of warehouses, weekends and holidays, sending notifications and much more.

MVP functionality in one package.

  • Assembly of orders: DBS to the final buyer

    The seller receives the assembly task within 24 working hours, taking into account weekends. After he has prepared the assembly of the order, he must transfer it to the transport company or courier.
  • Translator of transport companies

    The module controls interaction with delivery services: collects data on various assemblies (FBS, FBS, Fbs, FBS, assembly from the marketplace warehouse), registers the shipment task and controls the receipt of documents and the execution of the task.
  • Logistics: fulfillment, crossdocking, own warehouse, PVZ points

    Creates the logic of interaction between warehouses, hides goods inaccessible to the selected region, controls cargo: Jewelry, medium-sized, KG, products, non-standardized, etc. Import from CSV, XML, as well as "1C": UT, UNF, ERP and others.
  • Delivery PRO plus
    - More than forty-five delivery services

    Calculation of delivery time and cost, order validation, multi-seat cargo, address labels and accompanying documents, seller's or marketplace contracts, more than 2000 SD statuses, synthetic tests, error protection, tracking the composition of orders.
  • Production calendar and working time accounting

    The module takes into account the specifics of the seller's work schedule when counting the time of order assembly and transfer to the delivery service, as well as limits the working time for tariffs with delivery hour by hour or day by day.
  • Creating a template for delivery method settings

    A convenient and simple tool to save time. You can create a new delivery method with all the settings required by a specific tariff in any delivery service using a template in a few clicks.
  • Creating a digital portrait of the buyer and seller

    Confirmation of the mail when registering the buyer on the website and authorization of the buyer by E-mail, Telegram, CMC, ML, Viber, Mobile push based on the Sendsay service
  • Sendsay - Integrated Marketing Automation

    Sendsay is a Russian integrated solution for marketing automation, working with buyers and sellers on the website by E-mail, Telegram, CMC, ML, Viber, Mobile push

Setting up and launching MVP in a few clicks

With our package of modules, you can set up and launch a marketplace in the MVP format and test your hypothesis in just a few clicks. Simple and intuitive control of modules does not require special skills from the operator and is available even to beginners.

Example of a DBS (Delivery by Seller) scheme how it works

Delivery from the seller's warehouse
Calculation of the cost and delivery time from the seller's warehouse
The preliminary cost and delivery time are calculated automatically based on data on the number of goods in the order, size and weight, as well as the number of cargo places.
Most often, the seller pays for the delivery himself.
Holding order payment - checking the availability of goods
The buyer pays for the order. The money is frozen on the buyer's card until the sellers confirm the availability of the goods for the order.

Notification to the buyer: order status in processing

The buyer receives a notification about the availability of goods for his order by Email,
social network or messenger.

Confirmation of availability or adjustment of the entire order

Sellers confirm the availability of the goods for the order. If the product is partially missing, then an automatic adjustment is made to the smaller side or the entire order is canceled.

Sending a receipt + OFD = "AGENT"

After payment confirmation, a cash receipt is automatically sent to the OFD with Information about the owner of the goods: TIN, name, VAT, AGENT the legal owner of the goods the payer of taxes for the goods is the seller.

Delivery task

The seller automatically receives a task to deliver the order. The delivery condition and the choice of method will be determined by the tariff with the marketplace.
Address labels and accompanying documents
Accompanying documents are generated for the seller: address labels for which the delivery service will accept the order or the seller creates them on his side and provides a tracking number for tracking.
Notification to the buyer:
the order has been placed
The buyer receives a notification about the successful completion of the order, its correction or complete cancellation by Email, social networks or messenger.
Notification to the buyer: sent to the delivery service
The buyer receives a notification about the transfer of the order to the delivery service by Email, social network or messenger.
Notification to the buyer: arrival in the city delivery
The buyer receives a notification
that the order has arrived in his city
by Email, social networks or messenger.
Issuing an order
The order is delivered personally by the seller
or to the pick-up point or delivered
by courier personally into the hands of the buyer.
Closing receipt + OFD + product labeling
A closing receipt is automatically generated, and data is also sent to the tax service and /or to the marking service, for example, an Honest Sign.
Notification to the buyer:
the order is completed
The buyer receives a notification about the execution of the order by Email, in the social network or in the messenger. This increases customer loyalty.
  • Fast delivery

    Usually, according to the regulations, such delivery is carried out within an hour or a day after placing an order.
    The order arrives in the assembly and in a few minutes is ready for delivery to the courier, who will deliver it to the buyer within a few minutes or hours.
  • Medium - sized

    Cargo space not exceeding the weight of 31.5 kg and the size on one side up to 120 cm. Fence, loading, unloading can be carried out by any person without additional funds. A courier will deliver it without special transport and lift it up to the fifth floor. This is the most common category of shipments.
  • Large-sized (KGT)

    The standard in the industry of cargo delivery weighing more than 30 kg and measuring more than 120 cm on either side. "Bulky" is a definition for goods that a courier cannot deliver without special transport or equipment.
  • Trunk delivery

    Delivery of combined cargo between cities and regions in order to expand the geography of online commerce. A batch of goods is moved between warehouses in different cities. Heavy trucks are used for transportation.
Medium-sized cargo
Fast delivery
CGT and Trunk Delivery
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License type:
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor RUS Plus
  • Multi-Vendor RUS ULTIMATE
  • Multi-Vendor ULTIMATE
  • MySQL-8.0
  • MariaDB-10.6
  • PHP 8.1
  • PHP 8.0
  • PHP 7.4
Кол-во транспортных компаний:
PRO + 50 транспортных компаний
  • English
  • Русский
Compatibility with versions:
  • 4.15
  • 4.16
  • 4.17
  • 4.18

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