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The functionality of the module allows you to set the desired values for the categories of goods and services with the output of information on the window. According to the law on consumer protection, this period is 14 days. Compliance with the law increases website conversion.
MySQLMySQL-5.7, MySQL-8.0, MariaDB-10.6, Percona Server - 8.0 ArchitectureFront-end, Back-end Compatibility with versions4.10, 4.4.1, 4.13. ..., 4.15
7 000 
Save 40%
In the process of unloading through the channels of warehouse accounting in the CommerceML format for CS-Cart or standard import in the CSV, XML format, goods, categories and characteristics are created. The module automatically creates filters and saves 
MySQLMySQL-5.7, MySQL-8.0 ArchitectureBack-end Compatibility with versions4.10, 4.4.1, 4.13. ..., 4.15
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You save: 5 000 
The module allows you to calculate the cost of delivery at checkout and send the package to the most popular services through the shipping aggregator - Shiptor. Fences from a supplier, fulfillment, delivery in Moscow on the same day, delivery from regions across the Russian Federation.
MySQLMySQL-5.7, MariaDB-10.5, Percona Server - 5.7, Percona Server - 5.6 ArchitectureBack-end, Front-end Compatibility with versions4.10