Vendor's and marketplace's categories connection

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The store sells goods from different suppliers. Each company uploads products using CSV and CommerceML. The administrator regularly uploads information about the remaining goods. The store category tree is different from the supplier category tree.

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  • Associates seller categories with marketplace categories
  • Binds seller products to the marketplace category
  • Group change of category for selected supplier items from the list
  • CRON Check
  • The type of product category (main or additional) is set in the module settings


In the marketplace, sellers create goods in the desired category manually, which is extremely inconvenient. Most sellers use a warehouse accounting system, goods can be copied from a third-party service with all the available characteristics.

Dozens and hundreds of sellers can load goods at the same time. The receipt must be streamlined and put the goods in the final category of the store.

Working in manual mode (loading by the administrator of the marketplace) will require a huge amount of human resources and time. This will inevitably lead to additional financial costs.

The module separates the store category from the seller category, grouping them separately. After unloading goods from 1C or using the standard import method, the seller selects the category that needs to be associated with the marketplace category.

The administrator checks the correspondence of the categories and makes an approval or rejection, commenting on the reason. Based on the moderation results, a letter is automatically sent to the seller about approved or failed categories.

If the seller’s categories contain goods for various purposes that do not have a similar category in the marketplace, then he can make a manual distribution.

A store employee checks the actions performed by the seller.

If there is a module, sellers distribute goods in the marketplace in a few clicks, and the administrator only needs to perform the check. The communication module between seller and marketplace categories saves employees time and increases work efficiency.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the module can be found at - "Help" section.


Modification of the module - e-mail: or contact via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype at +7 (923) 364-90-07. 

Technical support - e-mail:

If you encounter problems with the MAURISWEB modules or other developers, create a request through the "Error Debugger", describing your problem in detail.

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  • 4.4.1
  • 4.13. ...

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