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The “Grouped characteristics” module was created specifically to simplify the lives of employees and customers of online stores on the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor platforms.

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Module "Grouped characteristics of sellers" for Multi-Vendor

The module solves the problem of end-to-end filtering of goods or services by the visitor, accelerating the search for goods and increasing customer loyalty.

Groups the same characteristics into one:

  • Groups characteristics with the same name into one (“bluetooth” and “bluetooth”)
  • Group characteristics with different names into one (“Bluetooth” and “bluetooth”) or combine into one (“bluetooth” with another name “Bluetooth” and “bluetooth available”)
  • Groups the same values for the characteristics (values “yes, yes, yes / no, no, no” from different characteristics are combined into a single value “yes / no”
  • Groups characteristics by type
  • Selecting a category for grouping characteristics (combine the characteristics of the "Brand" separately from the group of categories Auto Parts, Wheels, Acoustics)

Purpose of the module

In the program of warehouse accounting 1C: Trade Management - for trade automation, accounting, etc., as in other families of 1C company programs, there is one feature that differs from Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor— “Categories and Categories” .

  • A category in which one or more categories is nested is called a Category Group.
  • Product can only be put in the category
  • The characteristic is assigned only to the final category
  • When uploading using the CommerceML protocol in Multi-Vendor, a separate characteristic will be created for each category

In Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor, by standard means it is possible to create a filter and add it to different categories. But for this, it is necessary for the characteristic to assign a category and add to the goods the necessary values from the characteristic. If the goods are manually filled during the creation of the store, then this will not be difficult. But, if it is downloaded from external sources, then this epic will become a stumbling block and may slow down all work, or you will have to abandon end-to-end filters in the online store.

The "Grouped characteristics" module in two clicks will combine the characteristics and values into one and assign the necessary values. And if during the filling of the database spelling errors were accidentally made, then you do not have to redirect the source database, to which there is not always access, it will be enough to create a characteristic with the correct name, write the correct value and combine everything in two clicks. The module will make life easier for the owner of the Multi-Vendor and eliminate misunderstandings due to the human factor.

The time for choosing the right product was reduced, and the buyer quickly proceeds to purchase, literally in two clicks from the main category.

Detailed step-by-step instructions for the module can be found at - "Help" section.


Modification of the module - e-mail: or contact via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype at +7 (923) 364-90-07. 

Technical support - e-mail:

If you encounter problems with the MAURISWEB modules or other developers, create a request through the "Error Debugger", describing your problem in detail.

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