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Adding new functionality

Ideal catalog of characteristics for the marketplace

The module divides the characteristics into the main "characteristics of the marketplace" and additional "characteristics of the seller", both in the administrative panel and on the showcase. Adds a mandatory or non-mandatory status for the characteristic. The module makes it comfortable, simple and understandable for the administrator to work with characteristics and filters, with visualization of filters on the showcase and visualizations of characteristics to be filled in by the seller. It helps to organize work with different types, goals and properties of characteristics clearly and accurately.

The "Characteristics of the marketplace" module organizes work with characteristics in an extremely simple and understandable way. Working with the characteristics becomes comfortable at all stages: for the marketplace administrator, for the seller, and for the buyer. You get a clear and slender tree of characteristics and an informative tool for working with them, buyers seeingt strictly structured product information on the showcase, which helps he has to make a purchase decision.

Complexity of working with characteristics

Characteristics are a very important part of the product card. They are as informative as possible for the buyer, help to make a meaningful and deliberate choice. They are also used to create filters with which the buyer can sort the goods by an important parameter for him.

Therefore, it is very important to pay maximum attention to the characteristics tree. That's just the parameters that need to be taken into account at the same time, there are so many that sometimes you just don't know what to grab for.

Each characteristic should be in its own category, belongs to a strictly specific type and have a strictly defined purpose. In addition, you scrupulously create your own tree of characteristics, accurate and verified, and what to do with the characteristics of the seller? Embed them in your tree? Ignore it? Leave it as it is? Should I forbid him to add his own characteristics at all?

To simplify and speed up the work with the characteristics, we have created for you this module.

Module functionality

The first thing that catches your eye after installing the module is that it clearly divides the characteristics into the characteristics of the marketplace (main) and the characteristics of the seller (additional).

In the showcase, the characteristics of the marketplace are displayed first. They are the ones who participate in the creation of filters and helping customers find the right product. The seller's characteristics appear as additional. At the same time, they may partially duplicate the main characteristics.

However, this is not the only and far from the most important functionality of the module, although it is very convenient.

Validation of characteristics

For more complete control over the characteristics by the administrator and moderators, we have added the "Validation of characteristics" tab. Its purpose is to provide the maximum amount of information about the characteristic. From left to right: the position of the characteristic, its name, labels that display information about the purpose and type of characteristic (labels are set in the settings of the module), the number of variants of the characteristic, a list of categories that are added to the characteristic, the presence of filters for this characteristic, status.

One look at the characteristic in this list is enough to understand what it is about, who it is about, and how to work with it.

Restrictions on working with characteristics

Rash actions or inaction of the administrator can lead to fatal errors or to a complete loss of the integrity of the directory. To protect the marketplace from erroneous actions of the seller, administrator or moderator, we have added a number of restrictions to the module. This ensures that you will not lose the necessary data due to an accidental, thoughtless action of any participant in the process.

  • Restriction on combining characteristics by the seller. The seller cannot independently add his own characteristic to the group of characteristics of the marketplace.
  • Restriction on changing or deleting characteristics and/or variants of characteristics. The moderator may decide for some reason that the characteristic or some variant of it is already outdated and not needed, but in fact hundreds and thousands of products are tied to this characteristic. And in case of thoughtless deletion, it will not be possible to restore the lost information.

Therefore, all characteristics are switched to the off status before editing or deleting.

Adding characteristics by the seller

Different marketplaces decide in different ways whether to allow sellers to add their own characteristics. For example, Ozon has developed a tree of categories and characteristics in as much detail as possible, and requires sellers to fill in their characteristics as completely as possible, but does not allow them to create their own characteristics.

To Yandex.Market other rules: they also have their own characteristics, but the seller can add his own. And the seller decides what to fill in and what not. An important point: only well-designed product cards with filled in Yandex-Market characteristics participate in the search.

That is, if the seller decided not to bother, just unloaded the goods and did not touch them anymore, then yes, they will be on the marketplace, but they will never get into filtering by characteristics, since priority is given to goods that have the characteristics of the marketplace filled in in detail. < / p>

How can you choose what is more important to you by yourself. Below we present an unshakably authoritative, in which an advertising specialist is openly and with health benefits. < / p>

For example, the seller needs characteristics that are not among yours. And if other sellers need the same characteristic, then maybe it's worth creating one, and if only this seller has it, and others don't need it? Give him the opportunity to create his own cataract, and when you rebuild to work with him, betray him will be real, and all his cataracts will leave the database along with them. < / p>

The second option is that you give sellers the opportunity to create variations of goods, and each seller creates his own characteristics for variations, without clogging up your database. < / p>

Or the seller may need to specify some additional information about the product, and he indicates them precisely in the form of characteristics for the purpose of "Additional information". < / p>

In any case, the seller's characteristics are indicated in the "Additional characteristics" section, after the characteristics of the marketplace, which are displayed on the showcase as the main ones.

Compatible with other modules

The module is compatible with a whole set of modules, each of which is disassembled and complements its capabilities. < / p>

"Adding an architectural product"

Modul we give the opportunity to vendors to add their own characteristics to the design. The characteristic can be used to search for a product through a filter or for variations. That is, you can not create characteristics for variations for the marketplace, but leave it to the sellers. This will call not to clog the directory eno, toother information just for author of a brief description. < / p>

The functionality shares the addition of characteristics with the type "Product search" or "Additional information" and the addition of variations so that the seller does not get confused. Allows you to activate the addition of options for the main characteristics, if the vendor does not have enough. Characteristics and variants of characteristics created by the seller, without fail passing moderation so that the administrator can make sure that the information offered by the seller is correct. < / p>


Mone who monitors the work with filters. You create graphic editors or edit pages, then in one click you can create new graphic editors or update with using . < / p>

"A ready-made catalog of 10,000 Categories, 8,000 hectares and a huge number of Options"

Modul imports categories, charts and graph options to your site with Ozon, the benefit is that you get a ready-made tree toas well as with accurate chart placemakers and a huge number of options. < / p>

"Import PRO: CSV file with auto-recognition of fields, creation of graphic editors and moderation of the submission method"

Convenient automated import and aautomatic creation of characteristics from imports with a default purpose: "Search for products through a filter", "Variations as separate products", "Variations as one product", "Brand, author, etc." or "Additional information". < / p>

"Grouping diagrams" and "Grouping variant diagrams"

These modules allow you to combine similar characteristics and variants of characteristics with each other, which saves space in the database. < / p>

For more information about these modules, see the description of the products. < / p>

< / p>

License type:
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor RUS
  • Multi-Vendor RUS Plus
  • Multi-Vendor RUS ULTIMATE
  • Multi-Vendor ULTIMATE
  • MySQL-5.7
  • MySQL-8.0
  • MariaDB-10.6
  • Percona Server - 8.0
  • PHP 7.4
  • PHP 8.2
  • English
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Compatibility with versions:
  • 4.15
  • 4.16

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